Standard Fixed Safe Deposit Box
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Standard Fixed Safe Deposit Box

We are an intelligent technology enterprise dedicated to the research and development, production, sales and after-sales of fully automatic safe deposit boxes. The company's main products include fully automatic safe deposit boxes, standard fixed safe deposit boxes, mobile safe deposit boxes, etc. Successfully developed a new generation of fully automatic safe deposit boxes with independent intellectual property rights, leading the world in technology.
Over the years, Ningbo Chaoping Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.'s bank safe deposit box series products have been widely praised and recommended by customers. While focusing on providing customers with high-quality products, the company also pays more attention to providing high-quality services full of personalized care throughout the process, thus winning a better market.

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Product Description

1. Introduction of Standard Fixed Safe Deposit Box

●In the case that bank "financial management" has become the norm, "having a safe deposit box" in the bank has gradually become a show off point in the chat of some citizens. What exactly is a safe deposit box? What are the uses? How to rent?
●In high-end public places such as banks or hotels, there are places that are specially rented for customers and have the same safe storage as a vault, and there are complete safety measures and a constant temperature and humidity environment. Modern safe deposit boxes must be verified when opening an account Customers’ fingerprints, the most advanced product is a fully automatic self-service safe deposit box, 24-hour service, the safe deposit box business is a service business that accepts the entrustment of the customer and takes the form of renting the safe deposit box to keep valuables on behalf of the customer. During daily or outbound travel, precious or private items such as gold and silver jewelry, antiques, calligraphy, stock bonds, real estate contracts, insurance documents, etc. can be stored in the bank safe deposit box to relieve the insecurity against theft, loss of confidentiality or fire. Concerns about the situation.
●As the income level of our people continues to increase, the market for collectibles has begun to flourish. Our company has specially developed a standard fixed safe deposit box for painting and calligraphy and a standard fixed safe deposit box for large porcelain. And the company can customize products according to customer requirements.

2. Parameter (Specification) of Standard Fixed Safe Deposit Box

Standard Fixed Safe Deposit Box

Library specifications


Number of boxes

Load-bearing requirements





3. Feature And Application of Standard Fixed Safe Deposit Box

The product design link of the standard fixed safe deposit box fully reflects the principle of care:

●All equipment edges that customers can touch, such as door panels, inner boxes, and pull panels, are chamfered or hemmed to avoid accidental injuries during operation.
●The width of the pull plate is designed to be the same as the depth of the inner box to avoid overturning and falling due to unstable customer placement.

A variety of processes and structural designs ensure the stability of the cabinet structure performance:

●The high-precision process level and the unique design of the adjustment box ensure the full use of the storage box warehouse space.
●Through-type hinges and through-type door stoppers are fully supported in front of the box.
●The plug-in welding process greatly improves the stability of the welding structure.
It has a leading domestic R&D center and production assembly line base, focusing on the R&D, production, sales and service of bank intelligent, electronic and mechanical security equipment and bank intelligent logistics equipment, and has gradually developed into a comprehensive security product and intelligence for the banking industry A high-tech company with total logistics solutions.
With the development of domestic and foreign markets, while focusing on product quality, the company continues to innovate products. It has successively conducted technical exchanges and cooperation with high-end financial product developers in Germany, Japan, and the United Kingdom, and has achieved significant results. Innovation is at the international leading level. The company has more than 320 employees, including more than 30 professional technical designers and more than 40 senior engineers. At present, the company provides overall solutions for safe deposit box equipment for many domestic banks, and has reached strategic cooperation agreements with many banks.


4. Details of Standard Fixed Safe Deposit Box

 Standard Fixed Safe Deposit Box


5. Product Qualification

 Standard Fixed Safe Deposit Box

6. Deliver,Shipping And Serving

Supply Ability

Supply Ability:10000 Piece/Pieces per Day

Packaging & Delivery


7. Supply Ability

Supply Ability : 5 SET/SET PER MONTH

8. Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details

Wooden case





Picture Example:

Standard Fixed Safe Deposit Box

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Est. Time(days)

To be negotiated

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