As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ningbo Chao Ping Group, Ningbo Chao Ping Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. proundly owns a leading R&D center and production line base in China, specializing in the planning, design, R&D, manufacturing of intelligent automation equipments, including the R&D, production, sales and service of software system. The company has gradually developed into a specialized high-tech company, which provides systematic automation equipments and overall solutions. With the high demand of domestic and overseas markets, when attaching importance to product quality, our company also upholds the concept of replacing human beings with machines. Therefore, we have continuously made intelligent innovations in our products and carried out technical exchanges and cooperation with professional R&D personnel, thereby achieving significant results, and reaching the world’s leading level. With regard to the automation technology and equipment currently adopted in the company, the performance thereof has spread in numerous sectors covering finance, securities, archives, libraries, electronics, electrical appliance, chemical industry, food, medicine, civil aviation airport and printing and publishing, etc. It has provided professional services of design and integrated manufacturing for such large-scale institutions as financial institutions, printing and publishing houses, colleges and universities, Party and government organs, hospitals, libraries, art galleries and archives, etc.


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