Mobile Channel Disinfect Machine
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Mobile Channel Disinfect Machine

The mobile channel disinfect machine adopts the original high-precision intelligent face recognition temperature measurement integrated module, led visual display, fast and reliable, can effectively avoid cross infection, and real-time temperature collection, peak extraction and contrast output signal lamp and beep prompt, which can be adjusted to sound and light alarm.

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Product Description

1. Introduction of Mobile Channel Disinfect Machine

The mobile channel disinfect machine has:
1、 Intelligent face recognition temperature measurement system
2、Isolation operation can effectively avoid cross infection.
3、The non-contact and automatic control design greatly reduces the manual operation and monitoring, and reduces the workload of security personnel.
4、Greatly reduce the work risk of high-frequency contact personnel.
It has all functions of intelligent face recognition type, upgrades and adds background networking function, and uploads real-time epidemic monitoring records. It can carry out non-contact face recognition infrared temperature detection and hands washing free disinfection for people passing through, and spray on the surface of people, pets, goods and other objects, 360 ° all-round atomization disinfection.

2. Parameter (Specification) of Mobile Channel Disinfect Machine

Product name

mobile channel disinfect machine

Dimension (mm)

1488(L) * 1120 (W) * 2400 (H)

Package dimension (mm)

1570 (L) * 1200 (W) * 2570 (H)

Service voltage


Rated power


Noise upon use


Rainproof function

The equipment shell is rainproof.

Service environment

0 ~ 40  

Atomization channel length (mm)


3. Feature And Application of Mobile Channel Disinfect Machine

Design concept of mobile channel disinfect machine
1、Food-grade safety disinfectant
2、Facial recognition thermometry and audible and visual alarm
3、Automatic induction spray
4、Hand special non-contact washing-free disinfection
5、Sole disinfection

 Mobile Channel Disinfect Machine


4. Details of Mobile Channel Disinfect Machine

mobile channel disinfect machine

1、In order to guarantee the health and safety of people, the disinfectant is provided uniformly by our company, the price of which is more than 50% lower than the market price. The food-grade disinfectant used in this equipment is widely applied in the disinfection of food, tap water, vegetables and fruits, etc. The solution is provided in strict accordance with the national standard PPM ratio, to fully ensure health and safety of people.
2、Mobile Channel Disinfect Machine is equipped with a microwave moving object sensor, which triggers the ultrasonic mist-making module when detecting someone enters to automatically spray the safe disinfectant into the disinfection channel.
3、Mobile Channel Disinfect Machine is specially equipped with hand disinfector in the thermometry area. Non-contact induction spraying is safe and hygienic and can effectively sterilize hands
4、A carpet containing disinfectant is placed in the middle of the disinfection channel, which can sterilize the soles of people passing through.
5、The equipment has two sets of universal brake casters and two sets of directional brake casters, which can be moved flexibly and reduce the storage space. Tyres are made from Nylon tread, thus being able to adapt to various road conditions. The place of use can be changed at any time as per your demand, and it doesn’t need transportation for changing the place of use in a short distance.
6、Mobile Channel Disinfect Machine is designed with a 20L ultra-large capacity liquid tank, which can conduct automatic fluid replacement for the atomization tank and reduce the workload of operators. It can be used for more than one day without adding disinfectant in high human flowrate.
7、Mobile Channel Disinfect Machine has the function of displaying working status and absent fluid status, so that the equipment manager can accurately grasp the running status of the equipment in real time. The mist-making equipment could prevent dry burning and effectively protect the equipment from being damaged due to improper operation.
8、Mobile Channel Disinfect Machine applies to 220V alternating current with power consumption less than 1000W. It is easy to install and deploy, which only needs to add disinfectant without installation and debugging by specialized persons. It is simple and easy to operate and easy to learn, and the disinfectant can be filled and emptied easily.
9、Mobile Channel Disinfect Machine fully takes into consideration of the usage scenes, so LED lighting function is provided inside the channel for the convenience of using at night or in dark environment
10、There is an effluent collection tank and an active effluent collection tank at the bottom of the equipment, which can fully collect the residual effluent after disinfection, so as to conduct centralized treatment for the hazardous waste to eliminate disruption or impact on environment

 Mobile Channel Disinfect MachineMobile Channel Disinfect MachineMobile Channel Disinfect Machine


5. Product Qualification

 Mobile Channel Disinfect MachineMobile Channel Disinfect MachineMobile Channel Disinfect Machine

6. Deliver,Shipping And Serving

Supply Ability

Supply Ability:10000 Piece/Pieces per Day

Packaging & Delivery


Packaging Details

Wooden case




Picture Example:

Mobile Channel Disinfect Machine

Lead Time :


1 - 100


Est. Time(days)


To be negotiated


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