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Chaoping is a professional China Compact Rack Manufacturers and China Compact Rack suppliers. Our company has developed a 24-hour full video automatic tracking system for banks, museums, archives and other professional venues with high security requirements.Install a camera track at the top of the warehouse channel. The camera can travel along the track to the deepest part of the warehouse and connect with the dense shelf induction system. When any column of Intelligent compact rack is opened, the camera will automatically move along the track to the middle of the column and move the entire Recording and storage during the retrieval or return process to ensure the safety of the warehouse collection

The intelligent compact rack series are widely used in the storage of books, documents, files, materials, and articles in libraries, archives, and reference rooms of enterprises and institutions. It can be reasonably arranged according to the characteristics of the warehouse, and the space can be highly utilized. The frame appearance is exquisitely designed, the lines are smooth, and the warehouse is neat and beautiful. The operation is light and flexible, and the operation is stable. Combined assembly design, no damage to relocation and disassembly. Each rack body is equipped with safety limit and anti-dumping devices to ensure the safety of personnel in the passage. There is a dust-proof board at the top and a rat-proof device at the bottom. It has good dust-proof, rodent-proof, moisture-proof and fire-proof functions.

Our company focuses on user experience and is committed to bringing users a first-class experience, allowing users to experience new technological achievements. In addition, our intelligent compact rack also has an industry certification, which is highly praised by old customers. For our partners, we always hope to be perfect.
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Compact Rack which is durable and advanced is of high quality. You can buy discount Compact Rack which is in stock from our factory. It is called Chao Ping which is one of the manufacturers and suppliers from China. Our products can be customized and have CE certification. Do you provide product discounts and quotations? Yes we do.
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