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Chaoping is a professional China Channel Sterilizer Manufacturers and China Channel Sterilizer suppliers. The angle of the temperature measurement display screen can be adjusted according to the type of crowd, and the angle can be adjusted up and down, left and right, whether it is the elderly, children or the disabled, you can accurately enter the channel sterilizer for body temperature detection and disinfection The original high-precision intelligent face recognition temperature measurement integrated module is adopted. Its LED visual display is fast and reliable, which can effectively avoid cross-infection, greatly reducing the work risk of high-frequency contact personnel, and truly achieving contactless disinfection. Greatly protect the safety and health of people.

The area of the hand disinfection area of the channel sterilizer is an independent area induction spray type, which is filled with no-clean water-based disinfection liquid, and the disinfection method of non-contact induction spray is safe and hygienic. The part is effectively sterilized, and infections caused by accidental contact can be avoided, thereby reaching the ultra-high standard of hand disinfection. And our equipment has various certificate certifications, such as CE certificate, product safety and high quality, with export qualifications, is a direct sales factory, has its own factory and has operated for many years.

The device has all functions of intelligent face recognition type, infrared multi-point temperature measurement, to ensure the accuracy of temperature measurement within the range of ± 3 ℃, to ensure the normal use in multiple scenarios. During the detection process, the channel sterilizer has the characteristics of buzzer prompt and sound and light alarm to prevent abnormal persons from entering, upgrade and add background network connection function, upload epidemic monitoring records in real time, and can also directly push the detection information to the designated mobile phone for timely and effective monitoring epidemic. To choose us is to choose health, safety and quality.

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Channel Sterilizer which is durable and advanced is of high quality. You can buy discount Channel Sterilizer which is in stock from our factory. It is called Chao Ping which is one of the manufacturers and suppliers from China. Our products can be customized and have CE certification. Do you provide product discounts and quotations? Yes we do.
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