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Thermometry Disinfection Machine

Thermometry disinfection machine is used for public space in 10 seconds. It is used in public spaces. When people, animals or goods pass through, it can be sprayed and disinfected on its surface, and non-contact temperature measurement can be performed. Dynamic recognition, large-angle lens, automatically and sensitively captures and recognizes faces. It is simple, safe, intuitive, and whether there is abnormal body temperature through the passer, allowing you to travel safely and return home safely. Whether it is a school or a hospital, or a public place with a large flow of people, such as an airport, library, supermarket, shopping mall, or private residence or company, you can use our equipment with confidence and safety.

Fully automatic detection, with inductive hand washing and disinfection. The machine is equipped with 4 low angle of attack disinfection mist ports. In order to avoid discomfort caused by direct spray of mist on the human face, we can adjust the angle of the atomization outlet so as not to stimulate the human facial organs. Achieve the effect of multiple kills. The important point of temperature disinfection machine is that whether it is wearing a mask or abnormal body temperature, there is a voice prompt alarm. When the body temperature is normal, the passage will be displayed. During the temperature measurement, the accurate body temperature of the person or item currently passing through will be accurately reported.

The intelligent system of temperature measurement display screen contains voice packs of multiple countries and regions. The languages of multiple countries and regions such as English, Japanese, Chinese, German, Italian, Spanish, etc. can be switched at any time. Whether our thermometry disinfection machine is voice The broadcast system or all visible languages in the machine can be customized according to requirements. And our equipment has CE certification and other qualification certificates, and successfully exported to various countries and regions, put into overseas use, is a good product worth choosing.

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