Features of Intelligent Electric Compact Rack


Intelligent Electric Compact Rack

1.The intelligent electric compact rack integrates manual and electric operation, and has a computer control interface that can be operated separately. The manual part is divided into three parts: variable speed, dual-shaft transmission and idling, which has the characteristics of manual flexibility and portability.

2.Each column has a touch operation button, which is easy to use. The main control column LCD touch screen displays the temperature and humidity in the rack and the file storage location. The voice system will also notify the operation content of the electric intensive rack. Realize audio-visual integration. Move the column to keep the interface to show part of the layer where the file is located.

3.The motor drive system adopts the Japanese Panasonic geared motor to ensure uniform acceleration start and uniform deceleration stop, the frame operation is more stable, and the noise is low;

4.A waterproof and dustproof board with a special structure is installed on the top of the electric-intensive rack, and the joint between the board and the board is sealed with a special waterproof sealant, which is completely effective. Waterproof, rodent-proof and dust-proof function;

4.The powerful software management system can connect various large-scale data, provide multiple query modes, facilitate file retrieval, and can automatically close dense shelves, realizing the true value of electric compact racks in the archives. Keep multiple input and output interfaces to facilitate system upgrades.

Intelligent Electric Compact Rack