Application of Thermometry Disinfection Machine in epidemic situation


The open-air morning market in the new town of Pingfang district was officially opened to the outside world. For safe and orderly operation, relevant departments actively do a good job in detail management and control, follow the management experience of residential area bayonet closure, implement the closure of the north and south passage of morning market, and install two " Thermometry Disinfection Machine" at the entrance of morning market, and assign special personnel to be on duty, so as to create a safe and orderly operation environment for operators and citizens.

In order to keep the distance, the morning market stalls are operated in the form of single or even numbers; the morning market management personnel continuously inspect the morning market stalls and dredge the personnel gathering places.

At the same time, the morning market management department also set up a number of waste masks recycling boxes in the market to thoroughly clean and kill the people along the street before and after the opening of the market; arrange the isolation transfer vehicle for the people with fever, once the temperature exceeds 37 , they are not allowed to enter the morning market, and immediately transfer to the fever clinic, strictly control the epidemic prevention and control