Structural characteristics of manual compact rack


The manual compact rack has a large loading capacity and is convenient to use. It is the most ideal equipment for storing files. The main features of manual compact rack are as follows:

1. The frame structure of the manual compact rack has frame type and box type, with safety limit and anti-theft device, forming a completely enclosed between rows;

2. There is a brake device between each row of dense racks, which is convenient to open and close-only need to pull out the brake handle when opening the rack to check data, the rack body will not be moved by others, which can effectively ensure the personal safety of the people who read it;

3. The transmission mechanism of the manual compact frame adopts precision inner self-aligning bearings, solid steel, two-axis rotation, flexible movement, and light shaking;

4. A magnetic suction rubber sealing strip device is installed between each column, and after anti-aging treatment, a dust-proof plate is installed on the top of the frame, and a rat-proof block is installed at the bottom. After being closed, there is no gap, achieving fire and dust prevention. , Anti-theft, anti-rat and anti-falling requirements;

5. The manual compact rack adopts an integral rack plate with a strengthening plate and a hook plate with a hook. The rack plate is flat and firm after assembly. The gear is automatically geared. The crank can be stopped in the vertical position by itself. The handle can be folded. Avoid traffic barriers;

6. The chassis frame combination is a welded chassis segmented combination, with precise processing, good docking interchangeability, and a wide range of joints;

7. The surface treatment adopts emulsifiers and alkaline degreasing aids, phosphoric acid to remove rust, passivation and finally powder spraying, with good decorative protection performance and strong adhesion. The treatment method of the inner wall of the frame is the same as that of the exterior.