The main components and description of manual compact rack


1 handle

Manual compact rack adopts automatic gearing, automatic return, and foldable handle, which is easy to use. The appearance is beautiful and generous, and the hand feels comfortable. Its structure is that the ratchet can be automatically hooked and disengaged. After stopping, the crank can stop in the vertical position, which can avoid obstacles in the passage. Shaking any row will not drive other handles. There are two precision bearings built into the handle, which are connected with the chain in a cyclic connection, which makes the handle and the shaft contact flexible and light. It is not easy to drop the chain and other parts are not easy to wear for long-term use, which extends the life.

2 Transmission system

Adopting the international advanced technical structure, the gear is 5-tooth transmission and is engaged with the motorcycle chain, using a three-component force device, dual-shaft drive, middle shaft intermediate transmission, both ends of the frame are uniformly stressed at the same time, strong and durable, and the frame is high in strength , The bearing capacity is large, no matter how wide or wide the frame body combination is, it can ensure that the frame body is balanced, parallel, light and free to move forward, easy to damage, and will not deform after long-term use.