The basic composition of manual compact rack


The manual compact rack is mainly composed of three parts: the track, the frame body and the chassis. Manual Compact Rack has the characteristics of large capacity and convenient use. It is mainly used for the storage of archives and securities certificates.

manual compact rack

Basic composition

The dense cabinet is mainly composed of nine parts: track, frame, chassis, panel, door panel, catalog card and transmission device, anti-falling device, and sealing device:

(1) The track includes ground rail and guide rail.

(2) The frame body includes uprights, hanging boards, shelves, dividing rods, and dustproof panels.

Column: an upright column supporting the entire frame;

Hanging board: placed between the shelf and the shelf to support and fix;

Shelf: a flat board for storing file information;

Separating rod: used to separate the data stored on both sides to prevent confusion;

Dustproof board: placed on the top of the shelf, mainly used for dust prevention.

(3) Transmission devices include: chains, gears, hand plates, bearings, rollers, and locks.

(4) Chassis: Mainly used to support the base of the frame.

(5) Sealing device: prevent damage caused by impact when the dense cabinet is combined, and can also reduce the noise generated by the impact when the frame is opened and closed, and play the role of anti-collision, dust-proof, moisture-proof, noise-proof and rat-proof;

(6) Panel: including inner side panel, outer side panel, and door panel

(7) Top plate: the top of the dense cabinet frame.

(8) Directory card: set on the side panel of the cabinet, used to place the file classification information card;

(9) Anti-falling device: It is installed on the guide rail to stabilize the dense cabinet and prevent the dense cabinet from toppling.

Compact shelves are also called manual compact rack, mobile compact shelves, file compact shelves, and compact cabinets.

The compact frame is a detachable and assembled on-site combined structure. The frame structure and its transmission mechanism and material technical requirements meet or exceed the requirements of the GB/T13667.4-2004 standard or the DA/T6-92 standard.

The manual compact rack is a large loading capacity, convenient to use, the most ideal equipment for storing files.