Functional characteristics of disinfection channel


Functional characteristics of disinfection channel

1. Automated disinfection: The whole process is completed automatically and intelligently, without personnel operation, saving worry and effort.

2. Intelligent unit disinfection: automatic disinfection when entering the same channel, no disinfection when leaving the scene.

3. All-round disinfection: The fog drop three-dimensionally wraps the disinfected object to achieve three-dimensional disinfection without dead ends.

4. Electronic lock function: automatic and compulsory disinfection can achieve the best disinfection effect.

5. Comfortable disinfection: outsiders are all uncomfortable disinfection and feel comfortable. Saving liquid medicine: Micro-mist disinfection can fully save the amount of liquid medicine.

6. Durable: The equipment has a long life, less maintenance, safe and reliable system, and long-term benefit from an investment.