Introduction of disinfection channel


The disinfection channel can be divided into the personnel disinfection channel and the vehicle disinfection channel. The personnel disinfection channel is mainly used for pedestrian channels in places with high hygiene requirements such as breeding farms, epidemic prevention stations, slaughter plants, food factories, and hospitals. Vehicle disinfection channels are used for urban and rural areas. Disinfection of vehicles at handover; disinfection of animals and plants transportation and passenger vehicles; disinfection of vehicles in pasture and food factories, feed factories, slaughterhouses, and meat processing factories.

Uses: Mainly used for personnel disinfection passages in high-end places such as breeding farms, hospitals, food factories, pharmaceutical factories, etc. Compared with traditional disinfection methods, it has a fully automatic induction control system without personnel operation, ultra-fine atomization, comfortable and thorough disinfection It is an ideal disinfection equipment for the life management area and breeding isolation area of livestock and poultry breeding places.

disinfection channel