Disinfection machine


The disinfection machine is a kind of machine that operates through the mechanical principle to produce physical or chemical disinfection elements to act on the toxic substances to achieve the purpose of disinfection. It is widely used in the fields of medical treatment and daily life. The development of disinfection machines has many Small classification. There are medical sterilizers specially used for medical use, and some are widely used in daily life. Its basic function: the disinfection machine can kill and remove pet odor, smoke, sweat, odor, fiber, plankton mold, virus, plankton bacteria, mites, pollen, dust, dander, toluene, xylene, total volatile Organic matter (TVOC), benzene, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxides in automobile exhaust.
It is a machine that uses mechanical principles to produce physical or chemical disinfection elements to act on toxic substances to achieve the purpose of disinfection.
Application and type
Disinfectors are widely used in medical and daily life fields.
Wardrobes, shoe cabinets, clothes, quilts, shoes, soles and household disinfection
Disinfection of air conditioners, computers, washing machines, range hoods, televisions, lamps, refrigerators, and water dispensers
Schools, public places, office disinfection, restaurant disinfection, sanitation disinfection, bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen, dining room can be widely used, light rail car box, entertainment city, community, school, enterprise unit
The development of sterilization machines has today had many small classifications. There are special medical disinfection machines, as well as household disinfection machines that are widely used in daily life, such as vegetable disinfection machines and chopstick disinfection machines. Household disinfection machines are also used to disinfect household toilets, kitchens, household items, electrical equipment, and automobiles. In addition, it is used in public places to protect the sanitation of public places, and to disinfect buses, squares, schools, factories, subway stations, shopping malls and other large public places. In addition, the disinfection machine is also widely used in the military and scientific research fields, and some important strategic equipment and many scientific projects of scientific nature are also inseparable from the auxiliary disinfection function of the disinfection machine. In general, there are many types of sterilizers developed today, which are roughly divided into: household type, medical type, scientific research environmental protection type and public health applicable type.