warmly celebrate the opening of medical equipment project "radioknife" of Ningbo Chaoping Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. in Beijing on August 3


On August 3, 2013, our company's medical equipment investment project "wave knife" tumor treatment instrument was officially opened and put into operation in the Navy General Hospital. Cyber knife, also known as "stereotactic surgery platform", "cyber knife" or "computer knife", is the latest stereotactic radiotherapy equipment in the world. It can treat tumors in all parts of the body. Only one to five times of irradiation can kill the tumor tissue. It is the only form of body radiation surgery that combines the advantages of "no wound, no pain, no bleeding, no anesthesia, and short recovery period". Patients can go home after surgery.

On the same day, the Academic Forum on wave sabres across the Taiwan Strait was held in the General Hospital of the Navy. Experts and scholars from the field of cancer medicine from both sides of the Taiwan Strait gathered together. Mr. Xu Yiping, chairman of the board of directors of our company, and MS. Cai Saijun, general manager attended the forum. Focusing on the theme of "caring for life and tumor health", the forum will discuss the treatment and application of radio knife in tumor diseases.

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