Private wealth space -- Chaoping brand automatic safe deposit box


"Without a safe deposit box, how can I make a collection? Without a safe deposit box, how can we be a well-off man? Where can I gather treasure bags without a safe deposit box? Without a safe deposit box, how dare you go out and break?... " Opening the website, a paragraph about the safe deposit box came into view. It is said that it has been widely spread in the society recently. Under the condition that bank "financing" has become a normal situation, bank "having a safe deposit box" has gradually become a show off point in some citizens' chat. What is a safe deposit box? What are the uses? How to rent?

1、 What is a fully automatic safe deposit box?

Safe deposit box is a safekeeping business launched by the bank for users who need to deposit valuables. Users can obtain the safekeeping service of personal belongings provided by the bank by means of paid lease.
Compared with the traditional safe deposit box of the bank, Chaoping brand automatic safe deposit box has more choices, and can provide longer self access service for the renter. The customer does not need the accompaniment of the bank personnel to open the box, and it is a safe deposit box equipment integrating business operation software, warehouse wall, treasury door (maintenance door), safe deposit box and viewing room.

2、 What are the uses? Who is using it?

At present, the safe deposit box business of banks is becoming more and more popular, and even more popular. What are the situations of customers who handle safe deposit box business? Some of them have frequent cash flows, which are often 300000 or 400000 yuan. Sometimes, some of them have trouble getting money out of the bank in an emergency, and they feel uneasy when they don't deposit it in the company or at home. Some of them purchase a lot of physical gold bars when the gold price is low this year, hoping to find a safe and private place to store it. Others are about some important data backup and The research results, in order to prevent theft, are deposited in the bank to make them feel more secure.
In fact, safe deposit boxes are used for many purposes. In addition to temporary storage of cash, some valuables such as antiques, calligraphy and painting, contracts, stock exchange securities, gold, contracts and other valuables can be rented from the bank safe deposit boxes.

3、 What are the characteristics of Chaoping brand automatic safe deposit box business?

Chaoping brand automatic safe deposit box has more choices and more reasonable design. With the characteristics of people library separation, self-service, self-service and so on, you can feel the following "five heart" services: (1) peace of mind: explosion-proof and anti-theft, constant temperature and humidity, world leading technology; (2) peace of mind: it can store precious and private items such as gold jewelry, securities, contract contracts, real estate certificates; (3) peace of mind: the Trinity security mode of "magnetic card + password + key" is adopted, and the password is input from More secure chaos sequence; (4) comfortable: two independent viewing rooms, various box types are optional, touch screen Chinese and English bilingual prompt operation; (5) heart: full automatic take out box, full-automatic service, on-demand, convenient, private and fast.