Intelligent Automatic Safe Deposit Box
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Intelligent Automatic Safe Deposit Box

With the development of domestic and foreign markets, while focusing on product quality, our company continues to innovate intelligent automatic safe deposit boxes. It has successively conducted technical exchanges and cooperation with high-end financial product developers in Germany, Japan, and the United Kingdom. Significant results have been achieved, and technological innovation is at the international leading level.

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Product Description

1. Introduction of Intelligent Automatic Safe Deposit Box

1. Intelligent automatic safe deposit boxes is a kind of safe deposit box equipment that can provide customers with 24-hour access service, operation automation, and unmanned management. It is a high-end product in safe deposit box equipment.
2. The processes of customer identification, opening and closing of the viewing room, and entry and exit of the safe deposit box are all completed by the customer's self-service operation. The system provides operating instructions and gives prompts or alarms for abnormal conditions.
3. The inner box and shelving frame, transmission system, electric control system, customer operating system, and business management system of the intelligent automatic safe deposit box.
4. The product comes with vault walls, vault doors and maintenance doors. The bank does not need to build a hexahedral reinforced concrete structure wall. It is a vault-level safe deposit box equipment.
5. It integrates multiple cutting-edge technologies such as storage service, monitoring, inquiry, etc. The operation process includes customer identification, operation guidance, safe deposit box removal and return, usage record, etc. It is a high-end product in safe deposit box equipment . Compared with traditional safe deposit boxes, it has the advantages of safety, higher space utilization, longer service time and lower operating costs.

2. Parameter (Specification) of Intelligent Automatic Safe Deposit Box

Intelligent automatic safe deposit box

Library specifications


Number of boxes

Load-bearing requirements





3. Feature And Application of Intelligent Automatic Safe Deposit Box

●Product positioning is high-end, which can be better integrated with the bank's wealth management business and intermediary business. It can not only improve the bank's one-stop financial services, tap potential high-quality customers, absorb and stabilize existing high-quality customers, but also enhance the bank's brand image , Increase bank profit.
●Free of time and space restrictions, the equipment can be self-service 24 hours a day; the mini automatic safe deposit box is synchronized with the existing ATM airport.
●The required space is small, and only 1/4 of the space of the fixed safe deposit box with the same number of doors is required, which saves the bank's limited business area and venue rental costs;
●The intelligent automatic safe deposit box comes with a vault door and an emergency maintenance door, and no additional configuration by the bank is required.
●The floor slab has low load-bearing requirements, which reduces the time, manpower, and capital costs required for floor reinforcement. The mini automatic safe deposit box requires less ground load-bearing, and construction technology can eliminate the need for site reinforcement.
●The equipment adopts a modular combination method, which is convenient for installation, relocation and expansion, and avoids the loss of bank fixed assets;
●Customers will not enter the vault when unpacking and taking things, which increases the security of the bank; and customers will not touch other people’s safe deposit boxes, which further improves the security;
●High privacy, customers do not need to be accompanied by bank staff during their daily access. On the one hand, it demonstrates the private and safe high-end services provided by the bank for high-quality customers. On the other hand, it improves the efficiency of bank staff and reduces bank operating costs.
●The combination of inner boxes of different sizes can be flexibly changed, which not only improves customer satisfaction, but also improves the actual utilization rate of bank space and safe deposit boxes;
●When natural disasters such as floods occur, emergency avoidance is possible. Through the emergency vault door, the inner box of the fully automatic safe deposit box can be quickly transferred to ensure the safety of customers' storage.
●The bank has better control of safe deposit boxes by automatically monitoring the identity of visitors and the electronic monitoring system for customer misoperation and theft.


4. Details of Intelligent Automatic Safe Deposit Box

 Intelligent Automatic Safe Deposit Box


5. Product Qualification

 Intelligent Automatic Safe Deposit Box

6. Deliver,Shipping And Serving

Supply Ability

Supply Ability:10000 Piece/Pieces per Day

Packaging & Delivery


7. Supply Ability

Supply Ability : 5 SET/SET PER MONTH

8. Packaging & Delivery


Packaging Details

Wooden case





Picture Example:

Intelligent Automatic Safe Deposit Box

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Est. Time(days)

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