Automatic AI Robot Sterilizer
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Automatic AI Robot Sterilizer

Our company's newly developed Automatic AI robot sterilizer has dual photothermal imaging recognition, coupled with multi-person temperature sensing measurement and nano-atomization disinfection, has a whole intelligent system, 5G Internet of things, intelligent man-machine interaction, so that the disinfection machine can operate safely and efficiently.

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Product Description

1.Introduction of Automatic AI Robot Sterilizer​

Our automatic AI robot sterilizer is a new high-end product in the field of science and technology, is an essential detection equipment, simple installation, safe transportation and easy to move, can be used in books, clubs, schools, shopping malls, shops, supermarkets and other places.
Professional dual infrared photo-thermal imaging & active accurate temperature measurement.
Adopting advanced infrared thermal imaging technology, active detection and screening according to the planned route and 1080P high-definition visible light camera plus 19200 array infrared temperature measurement modules, K2 is able to simultaneously monitor multi-people temperatures in crowd with millisecond response, quickly mark higher body temperature crowd and transmit alarms to the management center in real-time.
AI face recognition, simultaneous multi-people insensible temperature measurement, quick pass through.
The patented built-in black technology is applied for real-time temperature correction, and the temperature measurement accuracy is within ±0.3℃ of medical grade. The face recognition system adopts professional optimization algorithm, so that the temperature of multiple people can accurately be measured simultaneously even with masks. With real-time quick alarm, the system has fast temperature measurement, high precision, multiple people measurement, high efficiency, and no congestion.

2.Parameter (Specification) of Automatic AI Robot Sterilizer​

Automatic AI robot sterilizer








Universal wheel

3 inches

Driving wheel

6.5 inches rubber wheel

Turning radius


Main structural material



Around  40kgs

Best weight- bearing


Max weight- bearing

Around 70kgs

3.Feature And Application of Automatic AI Robot Sterilizer​

1.Safe and efficient operation.
2.AI intelligent human-computer interaction, auxiliary services
3.365 days × 24 hours all-round anti-epidemic disinfection guard.
4.5G/WIFI wireless Internet of Things, real-time transmission, alert sending.
5.4A intelligent system: automatic navigation, automatic obstacle avoidance, automatic fluid filling, automatic charging.
6.Ultrasonic nanometer atomized disinfectant, with good dispersibility and wide coverage.
7.AI face recognition, simultaneous multi-people insensible temperature measurement, quick pass through.


4.Details of Automatic AI Robot Sterilizer​

1.The robot’s intelligent chassis has completely independent mapping capabilities. Through the point-cloud data of the SLAM lidar and the depth image information of the depth camera during the movement process and the ultrasonic scanning obstacle avoidance module, it completes the perception of the environment and establishes centimeter-level precise positioning to achieve automatic navigation and obstacle avoidance.
2.Through the liquid level sensing device, Automatic AI Robot Sterilizer will automatically return to the "disinfectant station" to refill the liquid while the disinfectant is lower than the set amount. After refilling, it will continue the unfinished disinfection process. The robot is equipped with a low battery protection program as well. While the battery is less than 30%, it will automatically return to the charging pile.
3.Automatic AI Robot Sterilizer has a built-in 4G/5G/WIFI module, which can control remotely and transmit monitoring and operation data in real time via encryption. Alarms will be sent to the management center while abnormal temperature detected.

5.Qualification of Automatic AI Robot Sterilizer

 Mobile Thermometry Disinfection ChannelMobile Thermometry Disinfection ChannelMobile Thermometry Disinfection Channel

6. Deliver,Shipping And Serving

Supply Ability

Supply Ability:10000 Piece/Pieces per Day

Packaging & Delivery


Packaging Details

Wooden case




Picture Example:

Mobile Thermometry Disinfection Channel

Lead Time :


1 - 100


Est. Time(days)


To be negotiated


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