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Mobile Safe Deposit Box

Chaoping is a professional China Mobile Safe Deposit Box Manufacturers and China Mobile Safe Deposit Box suppliers. The working principle of the intelligent mobile safe deposit box is to install the safe deposit box on the dense chassis frame, and the handle type transmission mechanism drives the frame to move along the track to open or close the frame channel operation to realize the Access operation of items in the safe deposit box. It can be moved on a predetermined track. It is an optimized combination of movable vault protective walls and safe deposit boxes with fire and anti-theft and anti-damage performance. Banks need to flexibly set the size and number of safe deposit boxes when opening safe deposit box business.

When the bank is relocated, the mobile safe deposit box can be removed at any time to avoid waste of fixed assets, which is not only conducive to the targeted expansion of the VIP wealth management business of the bank, and increase customer loyalty; it can also effectively use the bank's business area to solve the lack of bank space The problem of inability to open a safe deposit box business; on the basis of establishing a sound service function, the bank saves the time, manpower and capital investment in the construction of the warehouse in the early stage; it is set up in the middle and high-end wealth center for the bank’s VIP customers Providing value-added services is conducive to promoting the image of the bank and enhancing its overall competitiveness.

Our equipment has a variety of certificate certifications, product safety and high quality, with export qualifications, is a direct sales manufacturer, has its own factory and has been operating for many years, Chaoping company can customize this smart mobile safe deposit box according to customer requirements box. The installation cycle is short, no muddy work is required on site, and the impact on the surrounding environment is small. This feature can help banks choose new outlets, make decisions in a short time, grasp favorable opportunities, and seize favorable locations.
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