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Disinfection Channel

Chaoping is a professional China Disinfection Channel Manufacturers and China Disinfection Channel suppliers. The Teppler disinfection channel developed by the technology team of the Chaoping Group is committed to ensuring the safety of citizens' travel and can effectively prevent large-scale disease transmission. It can be used in schools, hospitals, airports, banks, enterprises and institutions, supermarkets, exhibitions and other public places with dense crowds. The equipment is equipped with a microwave moving object sensor sensor, which detects the person entering and starts the fog machine to spray disinfectant into the disinfection channel, providing a safe, accurate and flexible environment for epidemic prevention work. And the quality of the product is guaranteed, with the certificate of the CE agency, and the qualification to export overseas.

The access control system of the temperature measuring machine is perfect enough to record the data of passing personnel in real time, and realize the attendance and punch card function of the employees. Connect the WiFi to export the attendance data from the background of the system. The temperature measurement display of the disinfection channel will show whether the passer is the company in real time. If the employee is a stranger, the system will display the stranger's logo. If it is an employee, it will display and implement the daily attendance function.

There is no manual input in the temperature measurement and disinfection process. The disinfection process has high safety and excellent effects, which can avoid accidental infections such as temperature measurement personnel and detected personnel. The level of epidemic prevention is high, there will be no missing inspection personnel, it can effectively ensure the order of on-site testing, and can monitor data in real time. This disinfection channel for non-contact testing greatly reduces not only human operations and monitoring, but also the workload of security personnel. It also strengthened the anti-epidemic work and effectively controlled the scope of the epidemic, which is the best choice for epidemic prevention.

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