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Channel Disinfection Machine

Chaoping is a professional China Channel Disinfection Machine Manufacturers and China Channel Disinfection Machine suppliers. The microwave detection type human body induction method plus the unique living face recognition intelligent temperature measurement system of the teppler channel disinfection machine can accurately measure the human body temperature. Infrared thermal imaging temperature measurement display, multi-point detection, high sensitivity and accuracy, collection range of 20-50cm, collection of body temperature time 1-2 seconds, the entire temperature measurement process is controlled in a very short time, greatly saving Time and accurate display of body temperature at the time of broadcast. Our machines are CE certified and can also be exported to many countries and used.

The housing of the channel disinfection machine has a rainproof function. The main body of the equipment is made of high-quality galvanized steel plate. The surface is sprayed with plastic powder for outdoor use. The unique appearance has a scientific and technological sense. The use scene is fully considered. The LED lighting function is provided in the channel to facilitate nighttime. Or use in dark environment. This channel disinfection machine uses 220V AC power and the power consumption is less than 1000W. It is a simple way to install and deploy, just add disinfectant. The operation is simple, safe and reliable during the whole process, no need to contact anyone, and it is fully enclosed and disinfected with a curtain, allowing you to pass the test with peace of mind.

The atomization effect in the disinfection process is good. The mist flow crosses in multiple directions, covering the whole area and having strong adhesion. The spray area protection method uses magnetic suction PVC transparent curtains to effectively carry out full-body disinfection. To ensure human health and safety, we use Food-grade safe disinfectant. This kind of disinfectant widely used in food, tap water, vegetables and fruits. The PPM value of the solution is strictly in accordance with international standards, so Teppler’s channel disinfection machine is capable of 100%. Ensure human health and safety.

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